• Slap yourself silly!

    Fluorescent and Reflective bands for use on wrists, Bike Frames,
    Bag Straps and more! An extremely popular product incorporating
    Road Safety with a fun element as the Slap Wrap snaps around the wrist

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  • Reflective Vest

    Shop a wide variety of the best reflective running vests,
    reflective clothing and reflective safety miscellaneous at a low price today!

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  • Reflexspray

    Sure, it can be difficult to remember reflexes, moreover, they can be difficult to attach or fall away. Children can completely refuse to wear them. A simple spray of Albedo reflective spray can be the difference between a successful day and an accident!

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  • Soft Magnetic Clip

    One of our top sellers on the market, there are no need of strings
    or other attachments, which can be attached to your jacket, bicycle or backpack.

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We are a wholesale company in the product media industry who specialize in reflexes and safety products. We provide a wide selection of the best products and prices! 

Welcome to Keller Reflex AB!

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